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Annual CIO Summit in New York City

The CIO was first introduced to lead the Data Processing and Information Systems departments of the past. Today, the job is a much different role. The skillset and responsibilities are worlds apart from what they were a decade or two ago. And the role continues to adapt to the changing face of the modern business enterprise. 

Discussing key topics such as the Cloud, Digital Transformation, Data & Analytics and the use of AI and IoT, the CIO Summit gives you the opportunity to meet leading decision-makers under one roof at one time, to be part of the discussions that are shaping the future of security and to network and develop contacts that will strengthen your business.

The program is driven by our senior-level Advisory Board including representatives from TNT, Henley Business School, Fox Networks Group, US Department of Defense and Wyndham Group.

The CIO Summit brings together leaders from across the public, large enterprises & mid-market sectors to provide you with a strategic and practical toolkit to help drive transformation including:

  • A full day of leading CIO’s discussing the latest industry trends
  • Workshops, panel discussions & round table sessions led by visionaries within technology
  • First-hand case studies on the challenges facing IT
  • Fantastic networking opportunities with peers throughout the day
  • Over 150 Senior Level IT Directors
  • Keynotes, Interactive Round-tables, and Lively Panel Discussions
  • Industry-leading topics around IoT, AI, Cloud, etc.
  • Dedicated space and time for peer-to-peer networking with fellow industry leaders

New York City


June 20 2024

Event Schedule

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8:00 AM

Registration Opens / Breakfast

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09:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

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09:15 AM

Panel Discussion

The Next Era - How AI will shape the IT Landscape

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10:05 AM


Simplify IT integration & separations at speed and enable value capture sooner

In an ideal world, a well planned and executed M&A/Divestiture transaction is delivered on-time, on-budget, with actionable synergies potentials. 

The critical step to success is IT’s ability to integrate (or separate) at speed, without disrupting the current flow of business, and within a predictable cost envelope.

Statistically, Day 1 demands are only met 70% of the time. Network and security are stymied by complexities delaying cross-entity collaboration and application/resource access that directly impact intended synergy target potentials.

Zscaler’s cloud delivered platform provides elevated secure access while not impeding that flow of business of both the acquired and the acquiree demand, offering a more rapid timeline for the business (and IT) to start value capture activities.

This keynote will provide a Zscaler solution overview on how we can drive real value and differentiation for your organization’s M&A/ Divestiture approach.

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10:35 AM


Fortifying & Thriving: CIO's Playbook for Proactive Digital Risk Reduction

In an era of relentless cyber threats and navigating ever-changing regulations, fortifying operational resilience is non-negotiable. Equip your teams with cutting-edge strategies to not only minimize risk but to empower your organization against cyber threats. This session will explore proven approaches that have elevated organizational capabilities, ensured robust protection and minimized fallout when cyber events strike.

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11:05 AM

Mingle Break

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11:30 AM

Panel Discussion

Leading Through Change: AI's Influence on Technology and Security Strategies for CIOs and CISOs

In the rapidly changing AI landscape, CIOs and CISOs must adapt their strategies to harness AI benefits while managing risks. This panel will explore the practices CIOs and CISOs are building to balance AI integration with effective security measures. Attendees will learn about risk management, AI adoption, and setting up safeguards to protect their organizations. The goal is to help leaders use AI to advance their operations safely and efficiently.

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12:20 PM


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1:30 PM


Securing GenAI - the newest kid on the block

The usage of GenAI tools has been growing exponentially in enterprises since the release of ChatGPT almost two years ago. There is no doubt that GenAI can enable businesses and users within them to be productive and agile. Almost every software vendor is incorporating some form of Large Language Model capability in their tools to make them even more powerful. At the same time, we also hear about the risks of adopting these cutting edge technologies in terms of data loss and IP pollution that can cost the brand recognition of the businesses. This puts the IT security teams in a catch 22 situation.

It is no longer an option for enterprises to outright block access to these tools as it would put them behind competitively. In this presentation we will talk about the emergence of these tools and the risks associated with them. We will provide the steps that security teams can adopt to safely enable these apps for users to take advantage of the benefits while maintaining the security posture of the organization.

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2:00 PM

Panel Discussion

Trends and Disruptions Every CIO Should Plan For

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2:50 PM

Mingle Break

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3:20 PM

Mingle Break

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3:45 PM

Round Tables

1. Navigating the Configuration Minefield: Mitigating Risk in Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments

2. Curb waste and unlock path to becoming a digital innovator – for Fortune 500 leaders

3. How do we address the skills gap in cloud and cybersecurity

4. Integrating Security, Privacy and Data Governance

5. Understanding lateral movement between On Prem Hybrid and Cloud

6. Securely Navigating Generative AI with Intelligent Automation

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4:45 PM

Closing Remarks

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5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Networking Cocktail Hour

Words from our attendees

I just wanted to say congratulations on a great event and thank you all for your help, especially Kate and Tiffany who have spent time in advance and at the event with me to help me get the most out of the days here.I have really enjoyed the event, and made some good new contacts as well as insights into common challenges we are all facing in the CIO community. It’s been run superbly so thank you, and I look forward to the future events.

Eric Poon - IT Director - Peloton

I thought the quality and mix of contributions and the engagement from the audience was excellent. It felt more like an interactive team exercise in some respects, than a sit back and listen conference, and for me was more enjoyable and genuinely helpful for that. Similar folks, passionate about their brands and their work, but with different best practice to share – very collaborative, which I personally like. So all good and thanks for the chance to take part. It’s always a drain on time, which none of us have, but it was worth it.

Scott Strickland - CIO - Wyndham

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