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Backup as a Service

Fully-managed, multicloud backup

2023-11-28 21:34:30


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Key Benefits

  • Protect cloud-native, SaaS, and on-prem data 
  • Reduce downtime with rapid and granular recovery 
  • Dramatically simplify IT operations 
  • Enhance data security with encryption, strict access controls, and more 
  • Optimize IT costs with no on prem infrastructure and data reduction

Backup is required for any organization to protect and secure their data. Yet most legacy backup products don’t address the new realities IT teams face; budget cuts, complexities of point solutions, and accelerated mandates to move to cloud. With hybrid and multicloud the new normal, organizations are looking to reduce their infrastructure burden and become more agile. As a result, many enterprises are turning to Backup as a Service (BaaS) to help modernize their data management strategy by delivering: 

  • Predictable costs that eliminates CapEx with cloud-based subscription pricing 
  • Simplified operations with a single backup solution for protecting cloud-native, SaaS, and on-premises data 
  • Freeing up IT and enable others to do more with data and drive innovation 

Simple and Secure multicloud BaaS 

Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a Service is a fully-managed BaaS offering that allows you to protect and secure your data, dramatically simplify IT operations, and optimize IT costs. Hosted in AWS and Microsoft Azure, Cohesity BaaS offers choice and flexibility, and helps isolate data to enhance cyber resilience.

“Cohesity’s Backup as a Service offering enables us to protect our valuable user data without having to purchase a lot of extra storage infrastructure upfront. Since we didn’t need to procure any hardware, we were up and running on the Cohesity BaaS offering within an hour.” 

Jake Parham, IT Manager, St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

Enhanced data protection and security 

Protect All Data 

Single BaaS solution to protect your mission-critical cloud-native, SaaS, and on-premises data. A single policy framework and global visibility across broad data sources, environments, and locations. 

Data Security 

Multilayered data security architecture, including data encryption, flexible key management system, immutability, and strict access controls to stop bad actors from modifying or deleting your backup data. 

Data Isolation 

Create a “virtual” air gap by isolating a copy of your data in a Cohesity-managed tenant within the same or different public cloud environment. 

Hybrid and multicloud made easy 

Eliminate Silos 

Backup as a Service that’s designed to protect both on-premises and cloud data—no gateways, no separate tools, no silos— just unified backup across locations. 

Multicloud Freedom 

Only fully-managed BaaS offering hosted in AWS and Microsoft Azure to offer flexibility, choice, and data isolation across environments. 

True Hybrid Experience 

BaaS for cloud-native and SaaS, and on-premises backup for others - benefit from one UI to manage them both. Why complicate things with separate products just to do backup? 

Free up Resources 

Reduce or eliminate the time spent by IT managing infrastructure and provide self-service backup for teams and locations that have limited resources such as remote offices. 

Optimize costs 

Eliminate CapEx 

Make long procurement cycles and budget headaches a thing of the past. Simplify by shifting to an OpEx model that eliminates overprovisioning and ensures you only pay for what you need.

Flexible Recovery 

Not all failure and recovery capabilities are created equal. DataProtect delivered as a Service provides flexible recovery with bulk or granular restores to the original source or a new location. 

Flexible Pricing Options 

Front-end capacity, back-end capacity, or per user pricing options gives you the flexibility to chose the cost model and the predictability that best suits your business needs. 

No Hidden Costs 

All that you need is already included. Our inclusive pricing includes on-going feature updates, unlimited data restores, and eliminates the concerns around spiking data egress charges. What you see is what you pay

Workload Type

Supported Data Sources


VMware, Hyper-V


Isilon, NetApp, Generic


Linux, Windows


Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon RDS


Microsoft 365 and Salesforce (EA)

IaaS and PaaS

Amazon EC2, RDS, and S3 (EA)


For the latest information on supported workloads, go to: https://helios-help.cohesity.com/

Global Presence

Available Cloud Regions


AWS: US East 1, US East 2, US West 1, US West 2, Canada Central 

Azure: North Central and South Central


AWS: Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (London), Europe (Paris), Middle East (Bahrain)

Asia Pacific

AWS: Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore)


Proven Backup and SaaS 

The largest enterprises and organizations depend on Cohesity to protect their data. Organizations consistently report 50% to 70% TCO savings with Cohesity.

Learn more at www.cohesity.com/products/dataprotect-delivered-as-a-service

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