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Commvault® Cleanroom Recovery is the ultimate safe haven in a chaotic, hybrid world. Secure and quickly recover applications into an on-demand cleanroom for ransomware readiness and reliable cyber recovery.

2024-06-12 17:16:20


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Ongoing cyber threats and ransomware introduce existential risk and create organizational confusion and anxiety. Cleanroom Recovery offers a unique test bed to validate the effectiveness of cyber-recovery plans, technologies, and processes. It provides a secure environment where data and critical assets are isolated and safeguarded from attacks. Different from other data security offerings with cleanroom offerings limited to disaster recovery and constrained by a minimal set of workloads and recovery options. Security and IT leaders can obtain valuable insights into unfamiliar threat actors, fortify their strategies, and effectively deliver uninterrupted business continuity.


With on-going, constant breaches it’s not a matter of if or when, but how often an organization will be breached. The familiar, long-established process of keeping a business up-and-running after a system outage or natural disaster has been changed by ransomware. Due to lack of testing, many organizations are unaware of the gaps in their cyber recovery plans. As cyberattacks become more pervasive and sophisticated, it’s critical to have a robust, adaptable approach to true resilience. In most cases, ransomware attacks backup environments—meaning malicious code is often hidden in backups and even embedded in the hardware used to recover those backups. Recovering that malicious code can make things worse!

Responding to and recovering from ransomware requires knowing the answers to questions like:

 - Do we know how the attackers got in? What damage did they do? What did they take? Are they gone?
 - What is my most current clean backup? Can I prove it’s clean?
 - Has my recovery environment been compromised? Can I prove the location I want to recover to is clean?


Unfortunately, there is no easy and consistent way to answer these questions. Every attack is different. There is no predictability. This results in a few critical challenges for organizations:

 - Testing recovery for these uncertain scenarios is complex, challenging, and expensive.
 - Forensic and insurance investigations to figure out what happened often get in the way of rapid recovery.
 - In the worst cases, recovery environments have been affected, and there is no reliable place to recover rapidly.

These are the challenges Cleanroom Recovery addresses in an unprecedented and unique way. Our Cleanroom Recovery is a revolutionary approach to comprehensive testing and failover offering that enables organizations to mitigate cyber risk and be resilient.


CISOs bear the responsibility and face the challenge of how well-prepared their organization is for an attack and their response. Recovery readiness and testing is complex and rarely done, thus putting reliable recovery, readiness, and resilience at risk due to resource restraints.

Security leaders and CISOs must adapt their strategies to address frictionless recovery and cyber resilience and implement practices, process and technology around recovery. As a result, cyber resilience is new enough for most organizations that they lack established, proven, and tested practices for ensuring resilience in the face of an attack.

When it comes to mitigating the impact of adverse events, IT leaders have identified several key challenges. The largest concerns focus on the inability to recover systems and data from an encrypted source and being able to provide clean recoveries. IT leaders are investing in automation & orchestration for recovery process, establishing measures to remove human error, and test incident response plans repeatably and often. Lastly, with the global shortage in IT skills, it makes building their teams more difficult.


Commvault Cloud’s Cleanroom Recovery is a comprehensive testing and failover offering (a service that runs on Commvault Cloud) that enables organizations to effectively mitigate cyber risk. It provides a safe and isolated environment for (1) testing cyber recovery plans, (2) conducting forensic analysis, and (3) business continuity in the event of a breach.

An offering for both software and SaaS customers, Cleanroom Recovery facilitates automated recovery of the control plane, integration with a tertiary copy of data in Air Gap Protect, and a streamlined easy to use recovery wizard. This provides the ability for clean and easy restores in a new uncontaminated Microsoft Azure tenant.

Key capabilities include:

 - Comprehensive testing environment: Cleanroom Recovery provides a safe and isolated environment where organizations can test their cyber recovery plans without the risk of disrupting production systems
 - Secure forensic analysis: Cleanroom Recovery can be used to conduct forensic analysis of known infected systems and identify the root cause of an attack
 - Faster recovery times: Cleanroom Recovery can help organizations recover from cyberattacks faster by providing a streamlined recovery process
 - Reduced downtime: Cleanroom Recovery can help organizations minimize downtime by providing a production failover solution


Cyber resilience is possible in a new way without the complexity, cost, and untenable requirements of readiness and recovery for the hybrid enterprise. Cleanroom Recovery facilitates automated recovery of the control plane, integration with a tertiary copy of data in Air Gap Protect, and a streamlined, easy to use recovery wizard. This provides the ability for clean and easy restores in a new uncontaminated, on-demand cloud environment. IT leaders can be confident with a proven approach that eliminates concerns around recovering systems and data from an encrypted source and provides clean recoveries.