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Cohesity and Amazon Web Services

Cloud Data Management and Migrations Made Easy

Key Benefits

• Meet SLAs with enterprise grade AWS data protection

• Accelerate migrations, automate failover, and simplify archivals to AWS

• Simplify hybrid cloud data management

• Eliminate silos with a single platform and UI

• Flexibility to choose selfmanaged software or SaaS

2024-06-12 19:51:57


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Cloud has enabled agility and shifted costs to better match rapidly changing business environments. However as cloud adoption accelerates and new sources of data are introduced, they often emerge with limited operational oversight—which raises the potential of turning data into a liability rather than an asset. As organizations try to adapt to these challenges, they frequently deploy disparate point solutions to manage on-premises, cloud and edge environments separately, only driving up cost and complexity.

Cohesity data management solutions are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and subscriptionbased (self-managed) software and help eliminate many of the above challenges by providing a consistent data management experience with a single platform and UI across hybrid cloud. Whether you need to protect your AWS cloud-native apps and data or need help migrating to the AWS cloud, Cohesity’s AWS solutions have got you covered.

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Key Capabilities

Enterprise Backup for AWS: Protect EC2 and RDS data through centrally managed snapshots or a separate backup copy that’s stored in Cohesity. Your choice of destination: Backup as a Service, your AWS account, or your data center.

“From a strategic standpoint, there is tremendous potential in a comprehensive DMaaS solution that addresses a range of use cases from disaster recovery, to security, to compliance, and provides the ability to use cloud services to get even more value from data.” - Oded Haner, Senior Vice President of Technology, Franklin Templeton

Long-Term Retention on AWS:

Eliminate the complexity and costs of tape and archive on-premises data to any Amazon S3 storage class for long-term retention. Data is deduped, compressed and indexed for granular search and retrieval.

Disaster Recovery on AWS:

Enable disaster recovery on AWS with failover and failback capabilities. Replicate data from an on-premises Cohesity instance to Cohesity on AWS to failover and failback onpremises when operations are restored.

Migrate to AWS:

Move data and VMs to AWS quickly with automated format conversions that ensure compatibility. Simplify the process with a consistent data management and protection platform from data center to cloud.

Simplify Hybrid and Protect AWS Outposts:

Simplify your hybrid cloud management with the same enterprise protection for AWS Outposts and AWS cloud with seamless archive to Amazon S3 to reduce storage costs.

Unified Protection for VMware Hybrid Cloud:

Unified protection enables VM mobility across on-premises VMs and VMware Cloud on AWS. Scale and restore hundreds of VMs on demand to recover quickly and exceed SLAs.

Related Products/Features

Cohesity Helios® – multicloud data platform and global GUI that provides a comprehensive range of data management services, onpremises or via a SaaS model.

Cohesity DataProtect – Enterprise backup for AWS data sources, other clouds, and on-premises with options for self-managed software or Backup as a Service.

Cohesity SiteContinuity – Use cloud for disaster recovery to eliminate secondary data centers. Orchestrate failover and failback and automate data replication with a unified policy engine.

CloudArchive – Archive older backup data from on-premises to any Amazon S3 storage class for long-term retention. CloudArchive deduplication reduces storage and data transfer costs on AWS..

CloudArchive Direct – Archive data directly to the cloud to reduce storage costs and eliminate the need to store a full backup copy onpremises.

CloudSpin – Spin up on-premises VMs on AWS for dev/test or DR. Automatically, replicate, convert, and spin up VMs on Amazon EC2 ondemand or using policy based scheduling.

Cloud Snapshot Manager – use AWS snapshot APIs to backup cloud apps running on EC2 and RDS and to Amazon S3. Snapshots can be managed remotely from an on-premises Cohesity cluster without the need for additional cloud infrastructure.

Simplify Hybrid Cloud with Data Management as a Service

Designed in collaboration with AWS, Cohesity Data Management as a Service offerings are built on the same Cohesity platform software and UI as the self-managed option, but are managed by Cohesity and hosted on AWS. They radically simplify the way data is backed up, secured, governed and analyzed through an easy to use portfolio of SaaS solutions that help you reduce infrastructure burden and shift costs to OpEx.

Trust Cohesity with Your Data

Thousands of customers and hundreds on AWS trust Cohesity to deliver simple, secure, and flexible data management across hybrid cloud. Cohesity eliminates silos with a single platform and UI for data management that spans across clouds and on-premises with the choice of self managed software or SaaS. Deliver enterprise-grade protection for your AWS data or use migrate, failover, and archive onpremise data to the cloud.