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New Research: Why Digital Initiatives Fail

40% of digital innovation work is wasted. Put another way: Only 60% of digital investments drive value. Uncover the root cause – and five actions for leaders – with new research by Economist Impact, commissioned by Planview.

2023-11-28 21:43:35


GBI, Industry News

Digitalization is imperative. Yet waste is rampant from decision making to delivery. New research shows how to maximize the return on digital investments. 

Why It Matters: Economist Impact, commissioned by Planview, undertook a global survey in April and May 2023 of 600 executives across seven countries and six industries. Here’s what they said.

By the Numbers:

  • Just 14% are confident in their decision-making governance.
  • 85% say their organization’s ability to change falls short.
  • 84% recognize the need to improve data-driven decision making.

Go Deeper: The findings address the common disconnects in strategy implementation that trigger failure in critical initiatives. Read Bridging the Gap: Turning Strategy into Reality to learn the implications for leaders, including five recommendations for advancing strategy to thrive in the digital age.

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