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Optimize Your Costs with Cohesity and AWS Services

Key Benefits

  • No upfront investment 
  • Operational simplicity 
  • Financial peace of mind

2023-11-28 21:37:01


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Organizations worldwide are facing continued economic uncertainty that challenges expected outcomes. As predicting demand becomes more difficult, IT leaders are making investments in data services that deliver both hard and soft cost savings. Cohesity Cloud Services on AWS provides modern data security and data management for organizations like yours that can’t afford to put their digital transformation journeys on hold.

3 Ways Cohesity + AWS Contain Spend 

Cost-efficient Cohesity Cloud Services is a portfolio of fully-managed data security and management services offerings hosted on AWS that gives you financial peace of mind. The portfolio includes backup and recovery, cyber vaulting, threat detection, and disaster recovery—all managed through a single, global user interface.

Simpler operations for your valuable IT staff 

Cohesity SaaS offerings on AWS give your organization significant capital and operational flexibility. For backup as a service (BaaS), there is no on-premises infrastructure so no upfront hardware expense to activate. The providers perform maintenance, freeing your valuable IT talent to work on innovative projects rather than mundane upkeep tasks like adding systems as data and industry data retention times grow. The services portfolio features policy-driven automation but keeps your IT team in control with an intuitive user experience that simplifies operations and boosts global data management visibility without requiring specialists. Your people can truly do more with less when you adopt Cohesity Cloud Services on AWS.

Less capacity for data, more for innovation 

The more data your people create, copy and keep, the more costly it can be to your organization to protect. Cohesity prevents the storing of multiple copies of backup data in AWS that causes data fragmentation and drives up existing data capacity costs when you want to be adding capacity for projects that drive revenue. Cohesity’s advanced, variable, sliding window deduplication and compression across volumes capabilities deliver capacity cost efficiency. With fewer capacity concerns, your team can focus on meeting increasingly demanding business service-level agreements (SLAs).

Avoid downtime and data loss 

The cloud-based portfolio from Cohesity and AWS makes it simpler to safeguard your organization’s mission-critical AWS workloads plus leading SaaS and on-prem applications and data while helping your business derive more insights from that data. The backup service and cyber vault feature fully hydrated snapshots and parallel data operations for ingest and restore so you are always prepared for the worst case scenario. In the event of an unexpected ransomware attack or disaster, Cohesity services on AWS includes AI/ML-based recommendations, including identifying a clean snapshot to enable rapid recovery at scale of data, virtual machines, databases, and more to any point in time capabilities to get you back to business fast.

Optimize your costs while simplifying your IT operations, meeting demanding business SLAs, and reducing cyber risks with Cohesity Cloud Services, built on and for AWS.

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