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The Finance Guide to the Intelligent Automation Galaxy

Your Journey Begins...

Get ready for a galaxy filled with Intelligent Automation and driven by generative AI. While others are in for a bumpy ride, you’ve made the right choice to hitch your space wagon to Automation Anywhere. The Automation Success Platform is the fastest, most effective way to overcome the productivity crisis currently facing your organization. You see, we’re entering an epoch of declining productivity worldwide. Organizations like yours need a 50% increase in productivity, according to McKinsey, just to keep up. That’s no small task.

2024-06-12 15:56:54


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Don’t panic! Intelligent Automation is already increasing productivity. And, when combined with generative AI, it’s helping teams work faster across systems, domains, and processes, thus magnifying those productivity gains. 

Now, it’s time to buckle up for your flight. You’ll learn how Intelligent Automation and generative AI will reduce costs, strengthen controls, improve accuracy, accelerate financial reporting, and empower workers. Wherever you are on your journey to automate finance, Automation Anywhere has something for you. 

Before you embark on this journey, take a moment to consider a few questions. What are your goals? What return on investment do you expect? Where are the potential roadblocks in your organization? Take a look at the following stages and select the one that describes your nearest waypoint:

Eager to start? You’ll want to explore available resources, understand how others did it, and get some ideas on how generative AI can accelerate your automation program

Ready to accelerate the impact?  You’ll get more value from specific case studies and strategic guidance to justify your expanded investments.

Time to scale beyond department-level automations?  You’ll want to read scalability stories, learn how generative AI can help with progress, and how a center of excellence and citizen development can add value to your program.

Just need guidance on incorporating generative AI?  A center of excellence and citizen development are great ways to add value to your program, but you should expect even more.

No matter where you are on the Intelligent Automation journey, the promise of generative AI is expanding quickly. It’s best to seek guidance from a provider that has deep experience with generative AI, has partnerships with leading and trusted generative AI solutions, and can offer you flexibility and confidence when deploying generative AI technologies.

Start with Generative AI 

START is for kickstarting your finance-focused digital workforce. This is an exciting time! You’re eager to take your current experience with automation and learn more, see how generative AI can be applied, and ramp Intelligent Automations across your organization. 

For finance processes, Intelligent Automation and generative AI can strengthen governance and controls, accelerate the financial close, and create business resilience. As automations take on those tasks, you’ll have more time to reduce costs, improve cash flow, and improve the accuracy of financial plans, reports, and forecasts. 

Here are specific areas where Intelligent Automation and generative AI can help finance teams: 


Detect discrepancies in financial reports and documentation to automate audits, increase speed and scalability, and streamline risk management.


Streamline data analysis and forecasting, increasing efficiency and reducing errors by eliminating manual, time-consuming, error-prone processes.

Cost Savings

Compare vendor demands with market trends and competitor costs to save time and enable procurement teams to secure better deals quickly.

Accelerate with Generative AI

ACCELERATE is when you’re ready for your automation program to bring speed and deliver broad impact. Focusing on specific areas of the business is the best way to drive broader automation enhancements, but the most critical aspect is measuring key performance metrics. 

You’re likely looking to automate procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, financial operations, planning, and analysis, or treasury and tax operations. 

Here are key metrics you’ll want to measure: 

Efficiency and cost saving

Quantify the time and resources saved through reductions in processing time, error rates, and operational costs.

Accuracy and data quality

Track data accuracy and quality by measuring reduction of errors in financial reporting, forecasting, and analysis.

Decision-making speed

AI can analyze heaps of data and give actionable recommendations quickly, so measure decision-making speed, decision cycle times, and time to generate forecasts and reports.

Scale with Generative AI 

SCALE is when you’re ready to extend the power and value of automation across the enterprise. You’ve deployed successful automations at the departmental level, accelerated to gather more value, and now, it’s time to lead your organization in realizing the full potential of Intelligent Automation. Oh yes, this means cranking your evangelism engine up to 11. 

Wait, what? You don’t have an evangelism engine installed yet? OK, here’s how you build one: 

Step 1- Master the art of storytelling

Calculate the estimated benefits, build the justifications, consider the pushbacks, and get feedback. Then prepare your talking points and always have your elevator pitch ready to go.

Step 2 - Regularily share success

Executive stakeholders and workers alike want to know what’s happening. Nurture these supporters by keeping them excited about your automation story as you go along.

Step 3 - Establish an internal community

Recruit supporters to gather ideas for automations, rally subject-matter experts, and bring on decision-makers eager to champion the move to Intelligent Automation and generative AI.

Step 4 - Spread awareness of the program and proactively encourage participation

Build an intake pipeline to solicit ideas for new and enhanced automations and encourage workers to become citizen developers.

The Question

During your journey, take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned, think about how you can improve your Intelligent Automation and generative AI program, and create stretch goals in your quest for automation excellence. You see, Intelligent Automation and generative AI deliver mega-value, which is important to travelers like you who are interested in improving finance productivity and efficiency. But generative AI shouldn’t be just another app in your team’s arsenal. 

With generative AI infused across the Automation Success Platform, you can easily accelerate every process with generative AI embedded in any application, allowing you to empower your business teams, accelerate your automators, and scale with confidence. So, the question is…


Whatever you do, don’t panic. The next step in your Intelligent Automation and generative AI journey may seem daunting, but it quickly becomes an exciting adventure! We’re ready to help with a plethora of resources available on the Pathfinder Community, and the advice and guidance of a legion of Automation Anywhere experts. We’re here to help you find, explore, and realize the goals of your automation journey. 

In fact, we’ve made it incredibly easy to take the next step: visit our nebula of how-to guides and start building and using Intelligent Automation + generative AI today. It’s a fast and easy way to start using Automation Co-Pilot, our AI-powered assistant that lets business users use natural language to automate any generative AI use case—right in their application of choice. That’s right, no code, no complexity. Enjoy!