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The HUMAN Strategic Advantage: Why We Earned Highest Scores Possible in Eight Criteria in Top Analyst Report for Bot Management

Our company name is more than just a name to us. HUMAN is who we safeguard, who we work so hard for, and who we try to ensure has a great digital experience amongst the bot noise. It’s how we approach work and how we work with our customers. Yes we find proof of humanity in 15 trillion
interactions a week, but we also bring humanity to every real life interaction. Being human is everything to us.

2022-05-31 03:50:22


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That’s why we are all delighted at the scores we received in The Forrester WaveTM: Bot Management, Q2 2022. Between implementing modern defense strategy, putting our customers first, and investing in our Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team, we’re fighting tomorrow’s threats and being recognized as a strong performer in a bot management evaluation with the highest score in the Strategy category and the highest scores possible in eight criteria.

When we engage with any customer that uses multiple providers to stop sophisticated bot attacks, we discover on average 20% more bot activity than our competitors. That’s a significant amount of bot traffic missed, creating downstream consequences. These digital attacks severely impact the company’s business and the customer experience. Thankfully, we stop them at every level of sophistication.

The Forrester Bot Management WaveTM analyzed and scored the 15 most significant bot management vendors on specific criteria that were sorted into three high-level categories:
● Current Offering: Range of supported use cases, detection approach, machine learning model usage and training, explainability, response types, response configuration, end-customer experience, good bot configuration, management UI, accessible UI and documentation, threat research, out-of-the-box reports, customizable reports and dashboards, privacy, performance, security feedback loops, and marketing and eCommerce feedback loops
● Strategy: Product vision, innovation roadmap, planned enhancements, execution roadmap, market approach, and performance
● Market Presence: Revenue and number of customers

HUMAN received the highest score in the Strategy category and highest scores possible in criteria:

● threat research

● customizable reports and dashboards
● machine learning model usage and training
● product vision
● execution roadmap
● planned enhancements
● market approach
● performance

Customer Experience is Second to None

Forrester wrote in its report, “customer support is core to HUMAN’s model.” We’ve known since day one that customers who join the HUMAN mission are more than customers - they’re partners in the fight against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud. That’s why we make sure our customer experience is top notch at every point of interaction.

One of our customers, interviewed for the Forrester report said,

“The tool has been awesome, but the HUMAN people have been even better.”

We take pride in our customizable reporting capabilities and dashboard experiences to ensure our customers are able to slice-and-dice their data however they’d like. But we’re most proud of our Customer Success team - our Technical Account Managers are here to serve as a resource, dig into the data with you, provide additional insights, and make sure our products seamlessly integrate with your technology. They are there every step of the way during your HUMAN experience because we know the key to a positive customer experience is being able to talk to a real human, not a robot.

Forrester wrote in its report,
“HUMAN is a strong choice for customers wanting white glove service and deep
expertise in both marketing and security bot attacks.”

The Power of Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is integral for us to achieve our mission to safeguard the integrity of the internet by disrupting the economics of cybercrime. Forrester gave us the highest mark possible in threat research criterion and said,

“HUMAN’s threat research team, SATORI, is a strength – the team is known for
takedowns of bot operations like Pareto, conducts investigations for customers,
and regularly collaborates with law enforcement and the community.”

The Satori Threat Intelligence & Research team is responsible for some of the most notable disruptions and takedowns the internet has ever faced. It all started with Methbot, whose botmaster was recently found guilty for his cybercrimes in the Methbot operation. That was just the beginning of increasingly large operations and botnets such as 3ve, ICEBUCKET, and PARETO.

PARETO botnet in particular was especially sophisticated - it was nearly a million infected Android phones pretending to be millions of people watching ads on smart TVs. PARETO-associated traffic accounted for an average of 650 million daily bid requests witnessed by HUMAN’s MediaGuard solution, the result of 29 Android apps spoofing more than 6,000 Connected TV (CTV) apps. Weworked closely with The Human Collective, Roku, and Google to ultimately bring the operation to its knees. The Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team is your personal bot-fighting machine, helping you uncover threats and conquer them to make the internet safer for humans.

Modern Defense Strategy is the Future

At HUMAN, we believe in modern defense strategy. This rests on 3 pillars: our observability advantage, collective protection, and actionable intelligence and disruptions. We’re able to not only protect our customers from sophisticated bot attacks, but we’re able to adapt quickly to defend them from threats yet to come.

Forrester wrote in its report,

“HUMAN’s strategy is among the strongest of the Forrester Wave vendors, with a vision focused on lowering the cost of defense and raising the cost of the attack. While HUMAN has always focused heavily on R&D, in the last year, the firm invested significantly in its sales, marketing, and enablement capabilities, and the recent $100M investment will fund both new sales and R&D initiatives. The company’s roadmap is aggressive and detailed, with a focus on improving usability, anticipating new types of bot attacks, and extending into adjacent protections.”

Our Modern Defense Strategy

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 8.47.51 PM

This modern defense strategy is what keeps us ahead of our adversaries and puts us in a position to win against them. We’re flipping the gameboard on fraudsters. While they are trying to adapt to get around our defenses, they’re losing money - making their fraud model a lot less profitable and the
consequences of their actions more severe. This is ultimately how we make fraud more expensive and less attractive as a business.

We are also thrilled that we received the highest rating possible from Forrester in the market approach and product vision criteria. All of our products implement modern defense strategy - MediaGuard for advertisers, BotGuard for Growth Marketing for marketers, and BotGuard for Applications for security and fraud teams.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to safeguard your human experience on your website,application, marketing campaign or media, let’s chat human-to-human.