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The SSE security service empowering cloud transformation

At its heart, security is a data protection problem. We created Skyhigh Security because in this cloud-first world, people are still using the same old approach to protecting their data. Even though the cloud’s promise is to relieve the burden on IT, security solutions have not kept up. You deployed the cloud because it’s easy. Protecting the data should be easy too.

2024-06-12 17:27:45


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Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) solution is the security fabric between your workforce and their resources that enables fast direct-to-internet access by eliminating the need to route traffic through your data center for security. Data and threat protection are performed at every control point in a single pass to reduce the cost of security and simplify your management.

Is Your Digital Transformation as Fast and Secure as It Should Be? 

We are in the midst of digital transformation that is reaping tremendous benefits, bt also presenting several substantial challenges. 

  • As the workforce adopts a “Work from Anywhere” model, traditional VPN and MPLS-connected branch users are only able to access their critical web and cloud resources by routing back through their traditional network infrastructure, which is increasingly congested and slow.
  • Opening access to corporate resources through unmanaged mobile devices means that data is being accessed in new ways that are missed by perimeter security.
  • Traditional security tools are not able to cope with the 630% spike in advanced cloud-based and web-based threats.1

1 Source: Skyhigh Security: “Cloud Adoption and Risk Report: Work from Home”

Accelerate Your SSE Adoption with Our Integrated Security Service Edge

Skyhigh Security SSE solution is the SSE security fabric that delivers data and threat protection to any location, so you can enable fast and secure direct-to-internet access for your distributed workforce. As digital transformation creates a shift for organizations to “Work from Anywhere,” enabling fast and secure access for your remote workers to your internal apps and data is crucial. With access delivered from a secure service edge, you can protect users and data in new ways; from full visibility over remote worker traffic, to unmanaged device control, and cloudnative activity monitoring. Unlock direct internet access by seamlessly routing office locations and remote users through Skyhigh Security’s cloud-native Hyperscale Service Edge—which processes your traffic for unauthorized access, data risk, and threats from anywhere in the world—and then directly to the cloud, eliminating the need to route traffic through your data center and back out.

  • By transforming to a cloud-delivered SSE that converges connectivity and security, organizations are then able to reduce cost and complexity while increasing the speed and agility of the workforce. 
  • An SSE architecture delivers complete visibility and control over data at every policy decision point, whether it be at the endpoint, through the web, or in the cloud.
  • Threat protection controls that adapt to changes in risk and context allow for protection against even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and data loss.


Deliver SSE with Skyhigh Security SSE

SD-WAN can transform your network with greater simplicity, cost effectiveness, and user productivity by simplifying and accelerating the connections between users and cloud resources. However, unless it is coupled with a ubiquitous cloud security platform, traffic must still be forced back to your data center. But doing this slows down productivity and doubles down on an already outdated architectural model. Skyhigh Security’s Hyperscale Service Edge is the cloud-native security fabric between your workforce, WAN infrastructure, cloud services, and the web. Additional capabilities of our service edge include: Over 60 Points of Presence (PoPs) peered with content providers at global Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

The capability to provide the fastest access to cloud applications possible, often outperforming direct-to-cloud access. A simplified architecture that empowers you to enable the access patterns of your workforce— anywhere, any application, and from any device. Operates at 99.999% uptime to keep your workforce connected without disruption. Converge SD-WAN and ZTNA with our cloud-delivered service edge to simplify your technology stack so you have less to manage. Enjoy low latency and unlimited scalability with a global cloud footprint and cloud-native architecture. By bringing together Skyhigh Security SSE in a seamlessly integrated SSE solution, organizations can reduce complexity and costs while delivering a blazing fast user experience.

Multi-Vector Data Protection: Data Awareness at Every Access Point

Cloud transformation has meant that a large portion of enterprise data now resides and is being accessed outside of the network perimeter and beyond the reach of traditional data security controls. Collaboration from the cloud to third parties, between cloud services, access by unmanaged devices, and devices at home connected to peripherals have created new blind spots that typically require multiple fragmented data protection solutions. Skyhigh Security multi-vector data protection provides full-scope data protection for your workforce and eliminates data visibility gaps. Each control point works as part of a whole solution.

  • Data classifications can be set once and applied across policies protecting the end¬point, network, web, and cloud.
  • Shared data protection policies are enforced at every control point, allowing you to easily decide who can see your data and what they can do with it.
  • Unified incident management between control points with no increase in operational overhead.

Skyhigh Security SSE draws incident event information from all control points into one management console for a single view of your data protection environment. The unified data classification and management view delivers consistent detection results and prevents the data loss prevention (DLP) security gaps that occur when using multiple tools with disjointed policies and reporting. Our solution enables the correlation of data incidents across all vectors, enabling administrators to identify signs of potentially serious attacks.

Defense Against Cloud-Native Threats and Advanced Malware

As valuable resources have shifted to the cloud, threat actors have followed. New methods of attack are emerging that leverage the features of cloud providers to fly under the radar while searching for and stealing information. Additionally, the advanced malware and malicious code used in fileless attacks remain an evolving threat. New protection methods are needed to detect and block these threats without impacting end-user productivity. Skyhigh Security’s integrated SSE solution defends against cloud-native threats, advanced malware, and fileless attacks with an array of traditional and state-of-the-art threat protection capabilities. These defenses mitigate the risk of attack and data loss as your enterprise transforms its network and productivity tools into cloud-based services.

Please visit https://cdn.bfldr.com/YRMJMKST/as/27qnmq9sqj6cvjnkmfhfc/sb-security-service-edge  to learn more. 

About Skyhigh Security

When your sensitive data spans the web, cloud applications, and infrastructure, it’s time to rethink your approach to security. Imagine an integrated Security Service Edge solution that controls how data is used, shared, and created, no matter the source. Skyhigh Security empowers organizations to share data in the cloud with anyone, anywhere, from any device without worry. Discover Skyhigh Security, the industry-leading, data-aware cloud security platform.