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Uncovering global trends in the State of Trust Report

As the number and severity of third-party breaches continues to rise, companies are scrutinizing more closely not just how they handle data, but how their vendors do as well. For security leaders, this means more security reviews are coming across their desk everyday. 

2024-06-12 17:30:11


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Limited resources and legacy processes make it hard for security teams to keep up with the pace of business. According to Vanta’s State of Trust Report, business and IT leaders globally cite that lack of staffing (33%) and manual process (32%) as blockers to proving security externally. The result? Bottlenecks from security reviews are slowing down deals and leaving revenue on the table. 

That’s where Vanta Trust Center comes in. 

Turn security and compliance into a revenue accelerator 

Enterprises like ZoomInfo and Miro use Vanta Trust Center to proactively demonstrate their security and compliance posture to prospects and customers.

As a public-facing resource, Trust Center is your first line of defense to provide the documentation that prospects need to move deals forward. Vanta’s continuous monitoring allows you to configure and display passing controls in real time, helping you demonstrate your commitment to security over time — not just at a point-in-time. 

Through their Trust Center, Zoominfo is able to satisfy 90% of inbound requests before anyone on the team needs to jump in.

“Our big opportunity as a compliance team is looking at every compliance activity as a sales activity [...] With the Salesforce integration, we’re able to see exactly how many dollars in revenue are directly touching the Trust Center.”- Leah Bosé, Senior Privacy Compliance Manager, ZoomInfo

With Trust Center, you and your security team not only contribute to topline revenue, but can also measure it. Using the Salesforce integration, you can capture the revenue influenced through interactions with your Trust Center.

Surface instant answers with Vanta AI

Trust Centers provide your prospects and customers with not only the documentation they’re looking for, but the answers they need. Visitors to your Trust Center can ask questions through a conversational interface, and Vanta AI will generate answers based on the rich foundation of resources already available in your Trust Center. They can ask anything from, “When did you last complete your SOC 2 report and were there any exceptions?” to “How does your company handle encryption?”

Vanta AI only references the Trust Center information your buyer has access to, ensuring the right people can access to the right level of information — no more, no less. Responses also show the resources that informed the answer, giving your buyer reassurance if they want to dig deeper for themselves. With clear and well-cited answers, prospects can find the information they’re looking for, all without having to schedule time with your security team.

From the admin dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor questions as they come in and view insights into trending themes. With this feedback, you’ll have the ability to better tailor your Trust Center to what prospects are looking for, and prioritize which areas of your security program to invest in moving forward.

As with all Vanta AI products, we do not train models on customer data and you’ll have full control on whether you want to enable or disable Vanta AI at any time. 

Save time with Questionnaire Automation

A Trust Center can cut down on the time and steps needed to demonstrate your security posture, but there will always be times where you’ll need to fill out security questionnaires. These can be lengthy, with hundreds of questions, often asking for the same security and compliance information from survey to survey in slightly different ways. 

Questionnaire Automation saves you time by generating suggested responses to review and approve, rather than starting from scratch each time. For example, Noibu completes security questionnaires 5x faster with Vanta.

By analyzing previously submitted questionnaires — along with your security documentation — Vanta  creates a comprehensive knowledge base to draw from and generate responses. You can even feed over your policies from Vanta, ensuring your knowledge base remains up to date, even as your policies evolve. 

Whether it’s a form, a spreadsheet, or third-party portal, Vanta can support questionnaire responses in whatever format your prospects require. 

Build and deepen customer trust with Vanta

With Vanta Trust Center, you’re equipped to both proactively and reactively demonstrate your security and compliance, in an automated way. 

Want to learn more about Vanta Trust Center? Take a product tour today.