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Unmasking the Hidden Threats in Network Traffic

The Strategic Importance of Lateral Movement Detection in Cybersecurity

2024-06-12 16:55:24


GBI, Industry News

Lateral (or East-West) network communication has grown in importance in recent years, especially because the lack of lateral visibility exposes organizations to undetected blind spots, leaving them vulnerable to malware and ransomware attacks. The average cost of an insider breach in 2023 was reported to be $16.2M, with 90 percent of organizations feeling exposed to insider threats. Disconcertingly, 96 percent of lateral movement behavior does not trigger a corresponding alert in tools like a SIEM solution, creating unknown visibility gaps in the network1. Gigamon provides deep observability into hybrid and multi-cloud network infrastructure, including providing visibility into East-West, North-South, container, and encrypted traffic, eliminating network blind spots while improving overall security posture. 

“The challenges of securing hybrid cloud environments continue to evolve as threat actors develop new tactics to exploit vulnerabilities created at the intersection of an expanding digital economy, an increasingly mobile workforce, and network complexity. It is no longer sufficient to rely solely on exterior protection, organizations must operate under the assumption that their network has been breached with undetected threat actors lurking within their network. Gigamon has established themselves as a market leader in the high growth deep observability market with solutions that harness actionable network-level intelligence to eliminate these security blind spots.”

Alan Weckle, Founder and Technology analyst of 650 Group

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