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What is a trust management platform?

When you start pursuing compliance for a particular security standard, you do it with a specific goal in mind. Maybe you’re pursuing compliance because it’s a legal requirement in your industry or because a prospective customer requires it.

2024-06-12 17:37:49


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But what happens after you achieve that initial SOC 2 or ISO 27001? It’s easy to get caught up in checking the boxes and lose sight of the why behind your security and compliance work. 

The ultimate purpose is to develop a more secure organization and establish your business as a trustworthy partner that inspires confidence in your client. Going beyond a point-in-time check to prove your security and compliance requires a holistic, strategic approach to strengthening and demonstrating your security posture. 

That’s where trust management comes in. 

What is trust management?

Trust management is a unified approach to making sure your company is a secure, trustworthy organization that customers feel comfortable doing business with. It’s a concerted and intentional effort to both become more secure and communicate that security to instill confidence in your prospects and customers. 

Trust management is a strategic investment in your business, especially as increasing scrutiny on risk and vendor management have raised the bar for proving security. Trust management can help you:

 - Move upmarket and win the business of more profitable clients
 - Expand into new markets and customer segments by earning their trust
 - Establish long-term, trust-based relationships with clients 

What is a trust management platform and what does it do?

Now that we’ve established what trust management is, you may be wondering, what’s a trust management platform

Essentially, a trust management platform is a tool that centralizes, streamlines, and automates your trust management efforts. At Vanta, we consider the following capabilities as essential to a trust management platform: 

‍ - Holistic risk visibility: A trust management platform provides a unified view of your security landscape to identify and address risks before they can cause financial or reputational damage to your organization.
 - Enriched contextual findings: With a trust management platform, you gain a deeper understanding of the interaction between your various risk surfaces, so you can better prioritize remediation and improvements to your security program.
 - Efficient remediation: In order to quickly address vulnerabilities and stay compliant, you need real-time alerts and remediation workflows built into your trust management platform. 
 - Continuous trust: Trust management platforms also offer ways to easily demonstrate the strength of your security programs so you can establish, maintain, and deepen trust with your customers. 


An effective trust management platform helps you plan, execute, and demonstrate the strength of your security programs. Remember that trust management is not just about making your business more secure, compliant, and trustworthy. It’s also about communicating that security to your customers and partners. A trust management platform centralizes and streamlines both of those components in a single tool. 

What are the benefits of using a trust management platform?

A trust management platform can be a powerful investment for growing companies that are looking to win more customers and expand into new markets. If your trust management platform is effective, it can offer several advantages:

‍ - Expert guidance in developing a more robust security posture
 - Ensuring that important security controls don’t fall through the cracks
 - Creating a consistent and ongoing trust management protocol that continuously looks for security risks and prompts you to resolve those risks
 - Making your trust management process more efficient to reduce the strain on your workforce or keep labor costs low
 - Assembling your trust management strategy and documentation in one organized, secure place, making it easier to show evidence of your strong security to potential clients, auditors, and other stakeholders

How to get started on your trust management journey with Vanta

Vanta is the leading trust management platform that has helped more than 7,000 customers streamline their security and accelerate growth. Our platform helps you create a holistic trust management strategy with several key features and functions:

 - Centralize, automate, and organize all of your trust management needs with Vanta’s unified platform, including 300+ pre-built integrations 
 - Get the compliance attestations you need today with guided scoping, policies, controls, automated evidence collection, and continuous monitoring for 20+ frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more
 - Simplify the risk assessment and remediation process with Vanta’s Risk Management capabilities that help you stay on top of your risk profile 
 - Proactively manage third-party risk by automatically discovering vendors across your tech stack and scoring vendor risk
 - Build and deepen trust with clear and specific Trust Center that let you showcase your security posture to potential clients and other stakeholders

 - While establishing a trust management strategy might seem daunting, especially if you try to tackle it on your own, Vanta gives you a powerful platform to meet your security needs today and tomorrow.

To learn more, request a demo today.