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Annual CIO Summit at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

The CIO was first introduced to lead the Data Processing and Information Systems departments of the past. Today, the job is a much different role. The skillset and responsibilities are worlds apart from what they were a decade or two ago. And the role continues to adapt to the changing face of the modern business enterprise. 

Discussing key topics such as the Cloud, Digital Transformation, Data & Analytics and the use of AI and IoT, the CIO Summit gives you the opportunity to meet leading decision-makers under one roof at one time, to be part of the discussions that are shaping the future of security and to network and develop contacts that will strengthen your business.

The program is driven by our senior-level Advisory Board including representatives from TNT, Henley Business School, Fox Networks Group, US Department of Defense and Wyndham Group.

The CIO Summit brings together leaders from across the public, large enterprises & mid-market sectors to provide you with a strategic and practical toolkit to help drive transformation including:

  • A full day of leading CIO’s discussing the latest industry trends
  • Workshops, panel discussions & round table sessions led by visionaries within technology
  • First-hand case studies on the challenges facing IT
  • Fantastic networking opportunities with peers throughout the day
  • Over 50 Senior Level IT Directors
  • Keynotes, Interactive Round-tables, and Lively Panel Discussions
  • Industry-leading topics around IoT, AI, Cloud, etc.
  • Dedicated space and time for peer-to-peer networking with fellow industry leaders

San Francisco


December 5 2023

Event Schedule

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8:00 AM

Registration Opens / Breakfast

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9:00 AM

Opening Remarks & Panel Discussion

Shift from Problems to Value with Leadership and Technology

Virtually all applications are created for a business purpose. Whether it’s to sell products/services or help manage the inventory of a warehouse. In today’s world its more important than ever to demonstrate the value of our applications and technology. Come learn how you can implement an observability strategy for your applications that focuses on the business value and impact on your customers.

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10:05 AM


Accelerate Secure Digital Transformation with AI/ML and Zero Trust Architecture

Leaders in every age must decide whether new trends are worth pursuing or distracting hype. In recent years, business success has become increasingly reliant on its IT infrastructure, making advances in this field especially consequential for innovation and accelerated business outcomes. AI and zero trust architecture are two such trends, and their ability to reduce risk, eliminate cost and complexity, and increase agility are well-documented. Join this session and learn: How zero trust architecture secures users, workloads, IoT/OT devices, and business partners by addressing critical security shortcomings of legacy network architecture, How to reduce network complexity without exposing your organization to new risks, and How AI/ML adds defensive and business analytics capabilities that have the power to turn IT into the engine propelling business success forward.

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10:35 AM


Top Innovative Projects in 2023 Powered by a Private Talent Marketplace

In this session, Sung Ahn and Bharani Manapragada will share the ins and outs of successful Generative AI, Cloud Migration, and Data and Analytics projects. Backed by a global private talent marketplace, they’ll outline real-company problems, their approach, and success with digital transformation. Needs for adopting new technologies, driving productivity, and saving costs are apparent, but only if you have the right strategies and team in place to successfully implement and adapt. Leave with insights on how digital transformation is changing the way we work, complete with practical tips and take-aways to help you accelerate innovative projects in 2024.

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11:05 AM

Mingle Break

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11:30 AM


The Next Era - How AI will shape the IT landscape

Generative AI applications, such as ChatGPT and Google Bard, have ushered in a new era of efficiency for corporate workflows, but have concurrently introduced considerable data security risks. Modern businesses are encountering unprecedented challenges as their data becomes increasingly exposed to this novel breed of applications. According to a recent Netskope study, approximately 23% of employees access ChatGPT daily, with this figure projected to experience rapid growth. A panel of experts has been assembled to share their valuable insights in an enlightening session. This panel aims to discuss the challenges in balancing worker productivity as well as data security.

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12:20 PM


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1:30 PM


Accelerating GenAI/ML adoption with a modern data architecture

Learn how you can accelerate your GenAI/ML journey and increase your pace of innovation by building a modern data architecture on AWS and with Cohesity. We’ll cover how tips and best practices for implementing this architecture, and show how you can quickly and cost effectively utilize your data to drive custom GenAI/ML outcomes.

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2:00 PM

Panel Discussion

The Key to Building Influence: Deliver Change Through Data

As a CIO, your sphere of influence within the organization has shifted. You have more opportunities to innovate and lead than ever before. But it may take a different approach to make the impact you desire. Data can be a powerful tool, especially when paired with a mindset that aligns IT and the business to drive meaningful change and innovation. With over three decades of industry experience, CIO Jim VanderMey will lead a panel of other technology leaders to discuss different approaches to building influence within your business. How and when to use a data-first approach and what other perspectives to be aware of to bridge the gap and create alignment for long-term success and growth.

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2:50 PM


The AI-Driven SOC is Here

In an era where cyber threats evolve at an unprecedented pace, the intersection of AI and cybersecurity promises to reshape the landscape of defense and protection. This is driving the SOC to undergo a transformative journey. Join this keynote with Greg Smith, SecOps Transformation Advisor, as we delve into the power of AI in the realm of cybersecurity. Learn how Cortex from Palo Alto Networks harnesses the power of AI, designed to detect threats in near real-time and prevent incidents with minimal or no manual effort. Our expert speaker will also shed light on the role of AI in threat detection, response, and prevention, sharing practical insights and real-world examples of its remarkable effectiveness.

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3:20 PM

Mingle Break

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3:45 PM

Round Tables

  1. Revolutionize The Business Through Cutting Edge Technology

  2. Convergence of IT Operations & Security

  3. How will AI/ML impact your business?

  4. Successful AI - Quality In, Quality Out

  5. 3 Reasons why CIOs Are Champions of a Winning Data Strategy

  6. Hyperconnected Ecosystem – How Agile Networks and Next Gen Unified Communications are the Building Blocks of a Dynamic & Secure Digital-first Enterprise

  7. Bring Digitized Products to Market Faster

  8. Managing Your Data: Process, Governance & Automation

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4:45 PM

Closing Remarks

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5:00 PM

Networking Cocktail Hour

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Words from our attendees

I just wanted to say congratulations on a great event and thank you all for your help, especially Kate and Tiffany who have spent time in advance and at the event with me to help me get the most out of the days here.I have really enjoyed the event, and made some good new contacts as well as insights into common challenges we are all facing in the CIO community. It’s been run superbly so thank you, and I look forward to the future events.

Eric Poon - IT Director - Peloton

I thought the quality and mix of contributions and the engagement from the audience was excellent. It felt more like an interactive team exercise in some respects, than a sit back and listen conference, and for me was more enjoyable and genuinely helpful for that. Similar folks, passionate about their brands and their work, but with different best practice to share – very collaborative, which I personally like. So all good and thanks for the chance to take part. It’s always a drain on time, which none of us have, but it was worth it.

Scott Strickland - CIO - Wyndham

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